The Breach

A new hope but a fleeing goal

After the encounter with the undead, the group returned back to the tavern with a new goal in mind; to reach Glass mountain.

Sariel was a little shaken but after Vicroar’s inspiring speech, she felt a little more prepared for the tasks ahead. It is obvious now that IF the group has beaten the undead, then the creatures aren’t so bad and they are better off dead. Thanks to Taksum, the group has decided to stick together and defeat Gharam and then one day help Sariel back to the Feywild.

With newfound hope, the team gathered some information and learned about Glassdale, a small village on the way to their destination. A good start to what might be the end of Gharam.

The travelling seems very familiar, less dense and more space to see what is around you. Unfortunately as the group got further up the trail faded off, leaving the group to decide between the path less taken which provides cover in a valley, or a widening path that leadds straight up the mountain.

To keep Sariel calm and focused, the group chose the discreet path through the valley but as their journey continues up the slope it starts to rain. Unable to see, the group finds shelter behind a rock despite Sariel’s pleas to move on while they are ahead of any pursuers.

Ironically, it was on the third and last shift that the Feywild decided to pay a visit to Sariel. Being on her watch, and less experienced, she decided to go out and scout. Not far away she finds some of her old collegues from her school, but now they seem to be oddly smiling and having glowing green eyes. Scared, Sariel screams and races back to the group.

Together again the group decides to hold ground at the camp, while the eerie laughter of Sariel’s friends slowly drift away in the distance…



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