The Breach

Back at Camp

Back at camp, Sariel wakes Taksum and Garam and relays the fright that she had.

“They were my classmates from the Feywild. HERE! But they looked as if they were wandering…aimless…their spirits gone.”

After some discussion and a small burst of confidence, Sariel decides to lead Taksum and Vicroar back to the spot she saw her classmates wandering. Camp is packed up and she leads them through the woods a little ways. The group stops in the area Sariel remembers running from, but they see nothing. No sign of anyone or anything out of the ordinary. A closer looks reveals some humanoid footprints, larger than a humans.

With Garam square in their minds, Taksum and Vicroar decide that the group needs to keep moving towards the Breath of Io. The prints are forgotten and the group continues on their path to the village of Glassdale, the last stop before the Breath of Io.

After a short bit of travel, Glassdale comes into sight. A sleepy town, known for its mountain goat stew. Taksum leads the group into an inn. Not much out of the ordinary inside, the group relaxes after their long travels.

Noticing the group, the innkeeper starts a conversation with the group, which quickly leads to the group asking for direction to the Breath of Io.

“The Breath of Io…ah yes! Many a fools has I seen pass true dese doors on the way to the Breath of Io. Theys all come back babbling witless shadows of theys selves. Now I’m not one to be braggin, but I’s always thought that a good pot of me specialty stew is all that lot would need to get back theys spirits”, recalled the inn keeper to the group.

“Now if you’ve got your sights on the Breath of Io, and I don’t know why you’d bother youself wit a crazy idea like dat, but if yous got yous sights set, yous is gonna want to head towards the Glass Mountains. There yous is gonna see an iron wood tree…a HUGE tree. Look fo de pass nearby and dat be takin yous into the mountain towards your path.”

Excited about this huge helping news, the party starts out again into the wilds. On the edge of town, Taksum, in his streetwise ways (learned from peddling phony dragon balls to his dragonborn kin throughout his adolescence) chats up an old man, that Taksum soon discovers, has been to the Breath of Io…and has maps!

The groups learns from the old man that in the Breath of Io, you can try to retrace your steps back, but each room will never be the same as when you entered. Things seem to find a way to shift around…

Parting words of wisdom from the old man send the travellers on their way. “Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster. And if you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares into you.”

Good going follows, and the travellers make some good ground.

Approaching the iron wood tree, the party sees the pass the innkeeper told them about. “Yes!” yells Sariel.

Moving into the pass, the group sees a well armed man blocking the way. Sariel takes a good look and realizes that she has seen this man before…in her nightmarish flight from the Feywild! This man is in league with Celevir.

“Why are you here?!?” yells Sariel in Eladrin.

The man disappears.

Whoooooooshhhh!!!! Vicroar takes a surprise swing of his axe at Sariel, splitting some hairs but not landing a direct blow.

With that, Sariel and Taksum look around and see what looks like giant mushroom men walking towards them from the hills.

A deep divide and distance hangs over the party…a lingering feeling that they won’t see each other for a while fills their bodies.



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