The Breach

Cruisin' for a Lady

The journey to Spellgard took our group of lovable adventurers on a path leading towards the mountains. The smells of the city quickly were replaced by cool, sweet country air with each step towards Spellgard. Unfortunately, these idealic scenes were quickly replaced by a downpour of rain that chilled our adventurers to the bone. Nevertheless, they kept on journeying, ignoring Sariel’s grumblings of being cold…jerks!

As the day wore on and our adventurers couldn’t imagine how they could get any wetter, they stumbled across a small cottage with smoke coming from the chimney and light peeking out from the door. Without a second though, Sariel bolted to the cottage and started banging on the door. “Hello! Hello! Hellooooo! Is anyone in there?” Slight muffles from inside indicated that someone was coming. Not knowing what to expect, Vicroar and Taksum stepped away from the door and prepared themselves for the unexpected, leaving Sariel to fend for herself…jerks!

Luckily, the door was answered by a friendly monk, named Monk. Monk invited our adventurers in out of the rain to dry-off and warm-up. Everyone was very thankful for that. Once inside, it turned out that the cottage was actually a monastery, and other adventurers were huddled by the fire, thankful to be out of the rain too. Spellgard, as Monk explained, is right around the corner. All of these adventurers had come looking to ask Lady Saharel questions to reveal their own futures.

The evening was spent by the fire, trading rations for whiskey with Monk. Some quick thinking by our lovable group encouraged one of the adventurers to play some music, which lightened the mood of the rain-drenched crowd. Monk had a penchant for the drink, and by the end of the night, stories had been shared between adventurers and information had been gathered about Spellgard.

Spellgard, it turns out, used to be a fortress, but had come into ruin in the distant past. There is treasure buried within the catacombs, but Monk warned that no one ever returns to enjoy the treasure. For the most part, people come to Spellgard to get answers to their questions. Lady Saharel, it is said, is a being from another plane of existence, somewhere between a living and dead existence. People seek her out because she always speaks the truth and has an eye for the future. But there is no guarantee that Lady Saharel will come to you and answer your questions. Many letters hanging on Monk’s monastery wall attest to people’s anger at her elusiveness. A great many letters also praised her for her helpful answers. Either way, Monk warned that Spellgard can be a very dangerous place, and that everyone should stay vigilant.

Before our adventurers closed their eyes for the night, a brother and sister duo stepped away from the fire and journeyed into Spellgard in the evening, looking for their answers…

A restful sleep gets our group off on the right foot the next day. They decide to hunt some rabbits and collect some food to give to Monk to thank him for such fantastic hospitality. Taksum expertly takes down two rabbits, while Vicroar collects some wild vegetables and herbs. A lovely husband and wife couple they would make!

Monk is very grateful for the food and wishes them luck in finding Lady Saharel. He reminds them to stay above ground in Spellgard.

The day is sunny as the group wanders into the ruins of Spellgard. The rubble of once tall towers lies everywhere, with one tower still intact in the middle of the grounds. Taksum, Vicroar, and Sariel explore the area, finding the remains of camps long forgotten. They find no sign of the brother and sister duo that left the night before.

As our group explores the perimeters of Spellgard, a fog rolls in from the East. It gradually gets heavier and heavier. Every once in a while each group member swears they hear a faint woman’s laugh on the wind.

The fog continues to roll in and the adventurers continue to explore. When they look up, they are each convinced they see a woman’s figure in the near distance. Sariel is scared and wants to go back to the monastery, but Vicroar charges ahead after the womanly figure. Taksum and Sariel follow. After a game of “catch-up”, and Vicroar returning a beautiful silk kerchief to the figure that had been dropped in the mud, the figure turns to speak to the group. Lady Saharel is ready to answer the groups questions…



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