The Breach

Gigoter en Ji'Got

or: I walk on guilded cisterns

After introductions on the deck of the Soyokaze, Salyana and Gululess begin to explain what had just happened.

Salyana tells us that the boat is directly over the city of Atlantis. She informs us that they rarely do patrols, but happened to notice we were under attack, and that we were lucky that Captain Brainbridge is one of the few human allies to their people. She tells the party that the Kraken are from another plane. The one we fought was a sea kraken, a fledgling as far as other krakens go. Krakens enslave those they capture – they become either mindless zombies or prisoners.

“The captain told me you all fought bravely against the kraken. To be honest, most people would have fled. From the description of the battle, you fought valiantly and aren’t ordinary sailors.”

Taksum asked Sariel how she knew that Belgold had a silver clarinet, and she explained that it had come to her in a vision.

Salyana walks off mid-conversation, and the Captain says that Salyana has been “touched.” She is part human, but is a conduit to the plane of water. The goddess Voda has touched her and there are times when Salyana sees things that are beyond our eyes.

He continues, “She has seen something in you. When she walked by and whispered to me, she said that you are important. She knows she has a vision of you, although she doesn’t know what that vision was.”
Taksum says that we have been travelling for quite a while searching for something. Ilekothi asks what they have been searching for, and with hesitation, Taksum says that they are searching for The Breach. The Captain and Ilek stare blankly, and they return to the Captain’s chambers to hear Taksum and Sariel’s story.

Gululess asks to touch Sariel. He touches her for a moment, and then looks at her with understanding.

He tells Sariel, “A god has ”/wikis/touched" class=“wiki-page-link”>touched you. You haven’t ascended yet. You have done something in your journey to be touched, and the god that touched you is more powerful than Voda, so they must be very powerful indeed."

He explains touched, ascension and that Voda is one of the few remaining ancient gods. Ancient gods are very powerful.

Ilekothi then introduces himself.

Captain Bainbridge then says, “If I’d known I had such weirdos on my boat, I don’t know if I would have given you passage at all.” The captain departs briefly, then returns with a sack. “I have been around, and people know me for my integrity. Rarely do I put myself out without knowing people. But I put faith in what Gululess said. You people are important and I want to help you. Because of your hard work, protecting my crew, investigating the traitor, and defeating the kraken, I bestow this upon you."
He pours out of the bag:
• Leather dwarven greaves
Gauntlets of the Ram – Add one square to the distance of any push effect you create
Circlet of Authority – +2 bonus to authority and intimidate checks – a simple metal band of four metals spiraling around each other

The captain unrolls a parchment which has the image of a boot, with a cloud emanating from what appears to be a prison at the ankle. The captain explains that it is a crest for a guild called The Prison Boot.

“I feel that all of you could benefit from meeting with this guild. The leader is a very honourable man; a dwarf battlemind named D’Mayer. He is trying to get ”/characters/ruby" class=“wiki-content-link”>Ruby to meet his second in command – Crimson Tide, a very powerful shardmind – to be apprenticed. A shardmind’s life is not easy. This shardmind is young, but there are some shardminds out there who try to kill all other shardminds. Still, other shardminds try and protect from the Infinite Breach."
The group looks perplexed.

The captain explains. “The abyss never belonged to the nine hells. In a great battle, in hell, a rift was opened – the ”/wikis/infinite-breach" class=“wiki-page-link”> Infinite Breach – that ripped into the outside dimension, or as we would call it, chaos. That is how races like the dragonborn evolved. There was a great metamorphic genesis. The gods were able to see it and prevent it very quickly by creating a very powerful crystalline wall. Otherwise we would have been destroyed. But in a later battle, this wall was cracked, and remains cracked. Legend has it that the fragments scattered throughout the planes, and became shardminds. Some people believe that, when one shardmind dies, another shardmind is born. Others believe that when a shardmind dies, their power returns to the wall.

He looks at Ruby and says, “What’s your number?” Ruby replies, “5667.” Ruby doesn’t quite understand how, but it turns out that he can also speak goblin, seemingly from a past life. At some point, he will have to make his choice as to which of the three paths he will take.

1. The path of the slayer: destroying shardminds so that they return to the wall.
2. Killing shardminds to steal their power and grow stronger in order to go back to the breach and seal it.
3. The path of the scholar – to do research and find a means of sealing the breach.

“I hope he won’t take the path of the slayer. Those people believe that when a shardmind dies, it goes back to the wall, and only when all the shardminds die, the wall will be healed. Ruby is still very vulnerable.”

The captain asks if we can take Ruby to the guild in [[Ji’Got]], and enure that he meets

It turns out that Ruby knows Giant, Goblin, Dryad – and Abyssal!

Sariel and Salyana bond over the next few days, and Sariel feels her heart calm for the first time since she left home.

Ruby and Ilek bond. There is something about the material on Ilek’s staff that seems very familiar to Ruby.

Taksum contemplates his arrival in [[Ji’Got]]. He recalls that the dragon ruins are southeast of Ji’Got, and that they are frequently visited by dragons – both good and evil. The valley is mired with secret tunnels and mysteries, and are protected by destructive sandstorms. But many have come out with treasures and relics of dragonkind.

Braun gives Taksum a vial, and says that his next breath weapon will double in strength.

Our respect of Captain Brainbridge increases as the voyage goes on until finally the continent of mylandria is sighted on the horizon. As we approach, Ji’Got is enormous – it is surrounded by enormous walls, and although felixtowe was the biggest city we had ever seen, this is easily five times as large.

It’s really big.

Captain Brainbridge thanks us, and gives us directions, and has a sailor accompany us to meet D’Mayer.

A couple of pickpockets attempt to steal from us as we make our way through the city.

We walk through the seedier part of town, but approaching a wall, one of the sailors shows a crest and guards allow us through to the northwest side of the city until we see a boot with a prison. We enter and see D’Mayer, who greets us boisterously and ushers out the guards and locks the doors. There is an odd smell in the room, and we are concerned that the entire Prison Boot may smell like feet.

D’Mayer invites us to stay.

One of the guards leads us past the sparring grounds to our rooms. Remarkably, they don’t stink.

The group returns to the entrance to discuss with D’Mayer and we share our stories. He seems astounded at the prophecies, and pulls a sickle to threaten Ilek into confirming that he has met Gratoo. D’Mayer is unconvinced, but curious.
Based on the stories, he thinks that we need to go to the feywild, not to the infinite breach. He tries to convince us to work for him for three weeks at the guild to build trust between them.

Sariel tries to diplomatically persuade the dwarf with the help of a little gold, but he takes the gold and crushes her hopes of persuading him. Sariel then accuses him that he isn’t trustworthy, and intimidates him like a BOSS, but Bainbridge resists saying that he has the lives of his guild to think about and he can’t give information away.

The group decides to work for him for a few weeks. At one point, it seems that two people accepted the quest at the same time, and there is a contest.
Ilekothi loses a drinking and boasting contest against another goliath, winning the boasting, but losing the drinking. Taksum battles breath weapons with another dragonborn and wins.
We meet Crimson Tide and find out that his number is 3020. Taksum and Ilekothi spar and after an epic battle, Taksum bests Ilekothi.

They discuss further with D’Mayer. He explains, “Early when our guild started out, we met a Githzerai who traveled from beyond the astral planes. This particular crew was in the midst of being attacked by Githyanki, their evil ‘cousins.’ We saved the Githzerai from the attack, but only one survived. He is very special. He’s called a dimension shifter. He can open dimension doors anywhere – even between worlds. The problem is that chaos is powerful. If you try and use chaos, it will make you insane or burn you up instantly. It turns out that shardminds as part of the wall contained the breach, they contain chaos within them and can channel chaos energy more safely.”

“We were attacked by the lawmakers. There is a certain outer plane – the gods there make machines. These machines look like humans, they are incredibly powerful. And some of them hunt people. They may hunt people who cheat death. They can even kill liches. One of these machines was sent for us because we broke the rules of using chaos magic. Instead of killing us, however, they were merciful. They took one of our company and they placed these magical boots on his feet that prevent him from using his magic, and keep him held in ”/wikis/bravos" class=“wiki-page-link”>Bravos, to the east. There is a key, but the key is moved as people buy and sell it for money. We have found where the key is. It’s in this city. We plan on sneaking into this guild and getting this key back. If we do that, we can save our friend, and if we save our friend, his magic may be able to get you where you need to go."

“The guild is called ”/wikis/watchers/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>watchers, and their logo is a single eye. They are mysterious and we don’t know much about them. They seem to avoid trouble with the authorities. You can go through the aquifers or the sewers, and I have it on good word that the gardener is being held against his will."

He explains that if we are successful we won’t ever be able to return to [[Ji’Got]], as the guild will know it was us. The two means of entry into the compound are via a well, and via a sewer grate. Our objective is to enter to the main chamber and place a scroll in the center of that room, and it will magically turn that floor into a staircase for D’Mayer’s men to enter.

The party agrees to the mission and begins casing the property to ensure that the group is truly as sinister as D’Mayer says. Ilek unsuccessfully tries to follow and gather information. Sariel and Taksum attempt to gather information by stealing from one of the Watchers. Sariel bumps into one of the Watchers, and picks his pocket. He shouts out, “Stop, thief!” Taksum interjects, “That’s not a thief, that’s my daughter!” The Watcher comes back to him and asks him to explain himself, particularly how a Dragonborn could be the father of an Eladrin. The distraction works and Sariel flees, and Taksum feigns ignorance and thought the accusation was his daughter, not the Eladrin girl.

Sariel had successfully stolen an Orb of Drastic Resolutions.

Sariel sneaks into the family’s house to try and get more information from the gardner’s wife. The wife informs Sariel that the guild is shady. They came a few months ago and are extorting the family. Sariel learns of a code word to get in, “in the morning the doves rise to sing.”

Ilek tries to solicit a sewer cleaner to act as guide, but he asks for an exorbitant amount of money. Instead, they opt for a tour in the aquifer.

To gain access, the party fights the guards in the aquifer. The gardener, upon explanation of what we are doing, leads us to the hall and distracts the guards.

We open the portal, but there is no sign of D’Mayer or his men.
We hear sounds of fighting in the basement. We descend and find some priests ready for combat.

And the sounds of summoning are coming from deeper in the catacombs…


This was EPIC!

Gigoter en Ji'Got

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