The Breach

In Io

The party searched around the grounds until they found a metal ring chained to the ground, When they tried to pick one up gravity reversed, making everyone float upwards. Upon release, gravity righted itself, much to the alarm of the adventurers. Through collaboration and ingenuity, the group managed to use rope and the series of chains to reach a door floating in the sky.

Behind the door was a forest of fungi. Dubious that they found safety, the group ventured into the forest. They soon discovered that the forest was a maze that was always changing. After a bit of travelling, they found an alter for a torch. After lighting it, they ventured off and found another. They decided to light them all but quickly realized that there was three of them and that they extinguished when they left them. Deciding that they were running out of time, as their last torches were almost expired, the group decided to split up and light the torches at the same time. Vicroar stayed at the first one, Taksum remained at the second one and little Sariel braved the third one alone. Their gamble paid off, and they found an exit after the torches were lit.

The door led to a hallway with an ominous statue holding scythes. Two chains were bolted every ten feet along either side of the hallway. The group unable to spot any traps walked over to the other side and Vicroar opened the door. CLUNK! A portcullis fell on Vicroar, trapping him underneath, as the statue came to life and pulled the two chaines off the walls, releasing the 8 zombies hidden behind trapped doors. To the dismay of the group, they learned that the statue was controlled by a wraith, and that they were in for a tough battle.

Perhaps it was the necromantic energy, the fear in their hearts, or the doubt in their unconscious minds, but the group was unable to coordinate their attacks. Sariel kept on blocking Taksum’s line of fire. Vicroar’s strength seemed to be lacking, and Taxum’s attacks were very sloppy. Exerting themselves to the max, the group was able to finally defeat all but the wraith who managed to hide behind the walls. HERE IT COMES!!! shouts Taxum as the party prepares for a second assault. This time the party was ready and was able to defeat the wraith with their last ounce of strength.

Tired, and drained, Vicroar declares that he needs to rest. Taksum agrees but is interrupted by the sound of Eladrin laughter emanating from the door beyond. Before the group could stop her, Sariel runs through the door. Vicroar and Taxum follow after her but it are too late.

They have entered a two story circular room with spinning blades in the middle. A circlular walkway provides space for people to walk around the blades. There are three doors on each floor, but the most peculiar thing is that Sariel is on the second floor while Taksum and Vicroar on the other side of the room on the first floor…

What will happen to these worn out adventurers. Will they be shredded by the blades, will Sariel find and save her friends, will Taksum get a hold of Garam or will Vicroar find a new weapon to Vic-o-rize his oppenents. Stay tuned for another exciting episode of THE BREACH



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