The Breach

The challenges to Io

As a group of beetle like creatures crawl towards us we notice they are led by fungal humanoids that are lurking in the brush.

Taksum “Careful Vicroar, those are rust monsters and they are gonna want to eat armour so be careful”
Vicroar “You like metal, taste my steel”

As the enemies swarm around Vicroar, Taksum unleashes arcane sorceries that start to tear at the enemies. Sariel weaves behind a myconid to flank it and stabs it in the right rib.
Just when the adventurers think they might get the upper hand, from the outskirts of the skirmish a myconid rushes Taksum with a devastating swing with its quarterstaff while a rust monster spits out its vile phlegm and destroys Vicroar’s magic hammer. In a fit of range, Vicroar retaliates with two giant swings of his old faithful axe and rips apart one rust monster and seriously wounds the other. Taksum follows through with an inferno of flames that dissolves one of the myconids. As it dissolves it releases some spores into the air that rejuvenate the remaining rust monster and myconid.

“He is almost dead, kill him boys” Sariel yells as she takes another swing at the Myconid. A burst of spores spreads out and harms Vicroar while Sariel dived out of the way. Again the quarterstaff wielding myconid jabs at Taksum again with another critical hit. Taksum tries to cast some magic while taking a second wind but was not able to focus his spell.
Sariel swings again, slashing the myconid with a deadly blow. Just as quick as the blade cut into flesh, the myconid regenerates instantly while his ally below receives a wound in the exact same spot. Vicroar finishes off the last rust monster before it could strike. The quarterstaff myconid unleashes a deadly spore cloud that all the adventurers dodge, leaving his poor ally as the only victim. Distraught with the results, the myconid tries to flee. Taksum tries to hit it with a glob of acid but fails to hit it through all the foliage blocking his path.

Vicroar slashes the myconid flanked by him and Sariel as it tried to flee and chases after the other fleeing myconid. Taksum incinerates part of its face, but it continues to stumble away and releases another wave of spores. Sariel and Taksum grunt from the toxic cloud but continue to pursue. Then from Taksum’s fingertips an orb of acid arks out and dissolves the last opponent.

{party treasure}
Quarterstaff x2
Remains of the thunder hammer
2 potions of cure (1d12 each),
A stone tattoo (wicked looking blades with bolts of lightning): When a non minion enemy scores a critical hit on you, you gain +3 dmg on that target until end of the encounter

Renewed with vigour from their last triumph the heroes continue their trek towards the glass mountain. No sight of the lost students, the party stumbles into a peculiar clearing with 8 bowls laid in the middle of a circle surrounded by 8 pedestals. Ahead of the clearing appears to be the entrance of some ancient building or crypt that might lead underground. The remains of a human that has been dead for a long time lies to the side as well as an old camp fire.
The area radiates magic and the group is unsure what to make of it. Two dragon statues stand on either side of the door. A stone wheel is placed as a latch but neither Taksum nor Vicroar had the strength to turn it.

As the group went about the strange site searching for clues Vicroar finds an old letter in the fallen adventurer’s pocket. It hints that the 8 bowls represent the eight magic schools and that they must be placed on the pedestals without any opposing schools being next to each other.

While Vicroar waits impatiently by the door, Taksum and Sariel figure out the proper location of the bowls using their knowledge of Arcana. Suddenly, all 8 bowls amplify in their respective magic and send a wave of energy to converge at the center of the circle. Then with a powerful surge, a beam is shot at the rock door, transforming the door into wood and the statues into Eladrin.
Together the group reach the door and spin the flower handle around. As they start to spin the world starts to spin and what is day soon turns into night. When the group stops, they find themselves in a similar clearing but now the statues are dwarves and the message on the wall says… “welcome to Io”



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