The Breach

The Wheel Part 2

Struggle for the breath of Io

The children, under Garam’s compulsion, begin building human pyramids to load the ferris wheel faster. The party continues to try and prevent the children from entering the wheel, or freeing them shortly after, but they have trouble both attacking Garam and preventing students from entering. Celevir remains incapacitated in preventing countless other students from joining the line for the ferris wheel.

Sariel bull rushes some of the students, knocking the human pyramid to the ground, while Taksum clings to Garam’s head and blasts him with acid and magic. In the meantime, Celevir realizes that there are only two more children to be consumed before the font is completely open, and he gives up on blocking other children from entering, and leaps onto the wheel to free the student inside, but does not succeed in time.

In a feat of incredible bravery, Vicroar jumps and strikes his axe into Garam, but does not land the jump, and with his rope, came in like a wreccccccccccccking ballllllllllllllll, knocking over one of the pyramids of children. The rope around his waist pulls him back around, and he is able to get his footing.

Celevir mimics Vicroar’s epic attack, and jumps off the wheel, landing on Garam, and driving his dagger into Garam’s flesh. Garam’s battered body falls away from the fountain, but Celevir gets drawn into the ominous green font known as the breath of Io. Celevir, in great pain and struggle, tries to keep his sanity while being bathed within the breath of Io, but is unable to control the power. He screams in pain and laughs with delight in equal measure.
The sixth child’s soul is consumed, and a burst of dragonfire explodes outward from Celevir. It destroys Vicroar’s rope. Moments later, the breath of Io expands, and becomes a column in which Celevir is bathed. It extends down to the ground, encompassing Sariel, who begins screaming in pain. In a desperate move Vicroar launches himself from the ferris wheel onto Sariel’s body to shield her. The breath of Io expands, and expands, and then Sariel looks up with a green light emanating from her eyes, and she says in a faraway voice,

“From Felixtowe must we follow the trail of service, ever east till the breach is revealed and our path lays bare, then 4 stars must temper fate with an iron will or all shall be returned to the void.” (Sariel’s Prophecy)

She then collapses to the scorched ground.

Moments later, Vicroar, Celevir, and the breath of Io all vanish.
The children come to their senses, but Sariel remains unconscious. Garam, having regained his compsure and gotten to his feet, says, “I have half a mind to kill you both right now. My hope is that

They rescue the kids, about fifteen of them, and carrying Sariel’s unconscious body.

One lock of Sariel’s hair has inexplicably turned completely white.

Taksum consoles the frightened children, and encourages them to yell, “Wake up Sariel! Nothing happens, but one of the children mention that they are in training to be ardents, and they focus their powers to awaken her.

Sariel awakens after a night’s sleep, and feels beyond exhausted and burnt out. Taksum and the children set up camp for the night, and are able to catch a hare for dinner.
Sariel talks about a dream being chased by black flies, and a giant beetle, and a stream of acid. Vicroar then appeared and told her to “hang in there!” Sariel is happy to see his classmates again.

They set out for an elven village nearby. The trip is largely uneventful but on the third day, an arrow hits the ground a few steps in front of them. An elf in a remarkably camouflaged cloak accosts them. He challenges the group as to why a dragonborn is accompanying 16 eladrin children. The elf’s name is Gawadon, and is shocked upon hearing Sariel’s family name, that he has been searching for Sariel. They share the story with the elf who is impressed with their tale.

Midhon, the town elder, invites Sariel and Vicroar into his home in an old oak tree. They share the prophecy. He mentions that Felixtowe is a major port city where you can get transportation east (like in the prophecy) to the continent of Shiares, a continent known for its savage energy and uncivilized kingdoms. He doesn’t know of the four stars, or the breach.

They discuss whether to find Sariel’s father, or search for Vicroar. In a touching moment,
Sariel explains that she doesn’t want to return to school – that she has formed a bond with Taksum. Taksum admits in reply that Sariel has her uses to him.
Sariel is given a camouflage cloak, +2 to stealth checks. She offers a potion of speed in return, but they refuse.

As an elf begins to teleport them to the Feywild, something goes wrong during the ceremony, with some sinister force blocking the spell. Midhon comments that perhaps now is the time to travel east, like the prophecy said. The children will be cared for in the village until they can return to the Feywild.

The elves agree to make Taksum a cloak of camouflage as well, and a tiny, tiny implement to mimic his tiny implement. It’s a mastercraft dagger (+1 to hit).
The elves give six horses (riding and pack horses) for Gawadon to escort them to Felixtowe, which will take three weeks’ ride. They travel to Felixtowe without incident.



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