The Breach

Turnips and turn ups

The battle with the Ankhegs left the group a little sore but full of energy. They decided to continue their return trip to the city when they met a lady plucking turnips from the ground. The party assumed that this lady must be Anishene, the woman they were told to seek out by the Melora’s Wave. She was as mysterious as her answers, leaving the group suspicious and confused but at least she provided them with some hope… SPELLGARD!

Fuelled by hope, the party decided to head back to the city before Spellgard when they ran into more luck. They found the wagon tracks they were hunting before which lead to a thicket of shrubs and trees.

SUCCESS!!!! The group stumbled onto an abandoned camp. After a bit of searching they found a riddle on a tree: Order 10 stews, add at least 15 thorns, take two seats, and shout once.

With a bit of effort, some time and luck the group figured out the riddle and found a trap door. Below was a large room that held more of those rocks with glyph inscriptions. A detailed family tree (presumably for dragons) with names scratched off in some areas. Due to their excitment the group was caught off guard by a group of slimes. In a near fatal battle for Taksum the group was able to finish off them jell-o and breath the fresh air… when!!!

Sariel ran off shouting “he’s here, he’s here”. After a confused chase the group was reunited along with Sariel’s friend “Taksum’s mom”. The group learned that it was this creature who saved Sariel from Celevir in the Fey Wild.

With luck turning up everywhere, the party has decided to travel to Spellgard with their new friend to ask Saharo some questions



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